3x JST-PH Parallel charging cable PT0004



For GLA and Atomic AMZ/BZ Lipo batteries or any other 2S Lipo with a JST-PH connector. This handy charge cable allows you to connect 4mm banana plugs to chargers, and the charger's balance board. On the battery side, we have provided 3x JST-PH connectors so that you can charge/discharge up to 3 packs at a time. You do not have to use all 3 of course, using it to charge 1 pack is perfectly fine, but if you would like charge/discharge up to 3 packs together, this cable can do it. For those new to parallel charging, you can google/you tube information on it, but in summary: You can only connect 2S Lipo to this cable Mixing 300mAh, 330mAh, 360mAh together is ok The packs should be reasonably similar in voltage, for example, 2 packs 90% full, 1 pack empty, is NOT such a good idea, as it will cause a lot of current(Amps) going from the full packs to the empty pack, charging the empty pack at very high current(AMps), this might even melt the cable if the Packs are large/high C enough. All empty is fine, ~30%, ~40%, ~50% mix together is fine. Ideally charger capacity set to total mAh of the packs Charger current can scale up according to total capacity of the packs Below is a good video guide: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WY194Md6KNg