Drift Life RWD Drift Chassis (With Out Electronic Equipment) DLONE-KIT




To buyers: Thank you for purchasing this carbon drift chassis from Drift Life R.C. (DL-ONE). This is a professional chassis kit made of 3D printing technology combined with carbon fiber panels. Ride height of the car is fully adjustable thus this car is capable to drift on different ground materials effectively. Features of this chassis: • The innovative designed gearbox is composed of multiple sets of drive gears which has an internal ratio of 5.2 (Final gear ratio is 8.5-12.9). This gear ratio offering a more precise throttle control feeling, and one can feel it is easier to drift on smooth ground materials. • There are multiple position options for the damper for easy adjustment of the damper tile angle. • The rear wheel hub features a triple ball-end design for easy adjustment of camber, toe angle and offset width. • Rear Roll-Center is adjustable thru changing the position of Camber link. • Lower Arms play slop can be easily adjusted and eliminated. • Adjustable Ackerman Steering Angle (servo position can be moved back and forth). • Adjustable Servo Inclination Angle: to offset the negative effect of bump-steer phenomenon when caster angle or steering travel angle is large. • Adjustable Offset: Front +2mm, Rear +1.5mm • Adjustable Casters Angle: from 2.5 to 17 degrees • Wheelbase is starting from 90mm. 感謝您購買 Drift Life R.C.之碳纖維車架。(DL-ONE) 此車架由3D打印技術結合碳纖維板製成的專業漂移車架. 並具有高度調節設定,可於不同地面材質上漂移 此車架介紹 創新設計齒輪箱由多組齒輪組成出5.2內比(最終齒比8.5-12.9 ) :可以容易控制油門,於更光滑地面材質上使油門控制更細利 前油壓可仔細調節傾斜角度,並有多孔選擇安裝調較 Rear Hub使用three Ball end設計,可調節camber,toe及OFFSET Rear Camber link使用多孔設計可調節不同rear roll center 全車Lower Arm,無段調節虛位 可調節 ackerman steering (servo 前後位置調節) 可調節 servo傾斜角度 :當more caster及大呔角時 可調節bump-steer現象 可調節 offset 前+2mm 後+1.5mm 可調節 caster (2.5-17度) 輪距90mm或以上 installation manual and setup sheet https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1WyqbkVhFckaPhb4Wi5UlV7osPK59jfpn?usp=sharing

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