GLD Alum. 7075 Rear Gear Box Set HRC-OP-GLD04



The gearbox is made of CNC cut 7075 Aluminum alloy. Specially designed for GLD chassis. Features: Adjustable Motor Height Additional Camber Link Angle Increased Hardness & Rigidity Minimized gaps between parts Simple design for easy installation The set also includes 2 pcs of High Grade Bearing. The option upgrade parts are designed and produced by HRC. Please feel free to PM if you have any equiry. 波箱由7075鋁合金屬CNC一體化組成,專為GLD漂移車設計,摩打高度和Camber Link角度可調教,相比起原裝膠件虛位減少,硬度亦提升,設計簡潔令用家方便安裝,波箱附送兩粒高質啤零,更順滑暢順。 該改裝部件由HRC設計和生產。 如有任何疑問或詢問HRC亦是您可以獲取並尋求答案的人。



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