RTRC RTA chassis set RT044



DESCRIPTION This 2WD chassis has been designed and designed to combine the following strengths: => Ultra low center of gravity. => Rear friction damping. => Rear suspension with carbon blades allowing the chassis to turn flat when cornering. => Hydraulic shock absorber at the front. => Perfect distribution of the masses on the X and Y axes allowing to have a center of gravity positioned in the middle of the frame. => Possibility of adapting many commercial parts. => 90% of the parts are machined to guarantee extreme precision. => 70% of the parts are made of 7075-T6 black anodized aluminum. => The front axle as well as the rear axle are positioned thanks to centering pins thus guaranteeing a perfect alignment of the running gear. => The ride height is adjustable at the front as well as at the rear without affecting either the compression of the springs or the geometry of the suspensions. => The servo holder fits most commercially available mini-z servos, large and small. => The RTA allows you to use lexan mounting pads at the rear of the frame (on the friction plate) if you do not wish to use the side supports. => The lipo holder can accommodate most 330mAh batteries (Marka, GL racing). You can also use larger lipos (450mAh), just remove the support and “glue” the lipo (sufficient space on the frame). => The front bracket allows you to fit most carbon body brackets and adjust the height. => The RTA is sold without electronics, motor or differential.